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Cruise to Bahamas

Missing the ocean waves an soft lull in sway already. The incrdeible blues an no phones, watches, or need to be anywhere. Disappointed in no calypso music... It was soooo laid back yet still took three days to fully unwind.
The food was incredible the first night w duck and an asian salad to die for but then omg gag an gak... Almost and even inedible. They need someone who loves food because after the duck only the tiramisu was enjoyable inthe main dining. We did find a good sandwich at the back deli and plenty of fresh fruit but omg it should have been better w the ingredients they had!!!!!!!
Overall the trip was wonderbar an I will never get enough. Weather perrrrrrrrfect!! The native tourguide incredible And very informative. I do wish Troy had felt better but he got a ton of rest an sleep trying to get rid of dizzy from waves... And that was very needed byhim as much as I simply needed the ocean. Thank heaven for the timing of the gift! Barbara couldn't have timed it better.
More later... On troys cell.
Happy holidays.

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