mtarbarnes (mtarbarnes) wrote,

Happy New Year~*

So...for New year's day I met two of my goals.

I made it down to 160 lbs. (From 174 Dec. 1st)!

I made it back into college and start Tuesday!

Troy and I had a fabulous and relaxing time in the Bahamas...

Have plans for Seattle and possibly Paris ... among other travels.

Calendar is realy filling up with what we consider normal...~yeah~

More JEEP adventures...

Paying bills off and getting house in order, very slow but sure.

Now working on us while those things continue on.

Goals on plate:

Weight & Health
(Both doing well on)
Education & Medical
(Both studying and school)
Return to religion
(Church Sunday mornings not feasible so working on a solution.)

Soooooooo very nice to have him back home and off for abit!
An entire month of nothing but Wednesdays off and his birthday royally sucked...
Reconnecting now and loving it.
Filling the calendar and snuggling in bed~*
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